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Music Manager

You will definitely need a manager once you’ve obtained a record deal. Your music manager will help your record label in their efforts to distribute and promote you. Are you ready to have a music manager? You’ve been doing tons of shows & you’ve sold a few thousand CD’s. Lately it seems like you are handling more & more business. Sooner or later you are going to want to hire a music management company to take care of things so that you can concentrate on your music & recording. Don’t underestimate how much business & administrative work there is to do in the music industry. If you get picked up by an inexperienced music manager who has no idea of how to manage a successful artist your record label will replace him / her. Most successful record labels will require you to have a successful manager. A successful music manager can also help you acquire a record deal with a well-known record company. You will need to make sure that your manager is qualified & can lead you in the right direction.

These days a lot of artists choose their friends to be their manager. This is not the best idea unless of course your best friend is Doc McGee. It is very important that you choose your music manager wisely and get everything in writing in order to protect yourself from getting screwed. Picking the right music management company may take some time so you will need to be patient. Managers can do many things for you as well as provide creative direction and manage your finances. Your music manager should have extensive knowledge of the music industry. He/she should have experience in your genre. A great music manager will always have a fair and un-constricting contract. It is very important that you don’t go with a manager who has too many other acts. If you are not a priority you will not get the attention that you will need and it will be much harder to succeed in the music industry financially.

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What percentage does a Music Manager get?

Make sure that your manager is a legit music manager and not just some tired dreamer without a work ethic. The music industry is a tough nut to crack and everyone is not capable of dealing with the trials and tribulations. There is a set rate of fifteen to twenty percent that managers should receive in exchange for their services. This percentage is deducted from your gross income. Management contracts are usually no longer than two years with an option for an extension if the manager gets you a record deal and is exceptional at taking care of business. There should be a clause in the agreement that stipulates that at any time either party can sever the relationship. A music manager can and will sometimes act as an investor if he/she really believes in you. If your package is not up to par, they will do the things necessary to bring your package to a certain level of professionalism. This includes photography, recording, mastering & biography. It is your music manager's job to handle anything administrative and financial including publishing deals, royalties, recording, public relations, publicity and promotion.

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Do you need a Manager?

All artists need management! My first break as a music producer came when I started focusing my efforts on obtaining a successful music manager. I must have called and sent my music demo to large number managers in the music industry. I didn’t only contact major music managers, I also contacted independent managers. I received at least twenty calls from the two hundred demo submissions. The tracks that I sent must have been good because I received a ten percent response. Most of the artist’s managers that I talked to wanted to ask me if their artist or artists could use a track for a project free of charge. Being new to the music industry, I didn’t want to turn down any possible situations. I knew that if some music industry insiders could start talking about my songs good things would happen. One of the managers that I contacted became my manager. I soon learned that there were many other ways to capitalize off of music besides CD sales. My manager started getting my music placed in TV & Film projects. Every time my music was aired I received a healthy check. I learned that managers could be great for your career. Music producers and music managers sometimes act as filters for the actual record label A&R people.

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Successful Music Managers can get you a Record Deal

A&R people tend to listen to the opinion of successful music managers and music producers. If a successful well-known music manager sends a demo to a Record Label A&R person the chances of the A&R person actually listening to the demo are extremely high. Record labels prefer it when a successful music manager recommend an artist to them. This saves the A&R a lot of research when looking for new talent to sign. There are several things that the right music manager will be able to do, one of them is getting you a record deal. When speaking with music managers, you must be extremely professional. I remember speaking with Mathew Knowles a few years ago, for those that don’t know Mr. Knowles, he is Beyonce’s father / manager. He answered his phone personally and was extremely polite and professional. This was right before Beyonce released the hit single Survivor. I asked Mr. Knowles politely if he could listen to a few songs that I had recently produced. As soon as he said yes, I quickly verified if the address I had was correct and off the package went. I did this because I wanted him to shop the songs I had produced to artists that he knew. I would never sign a contract with an inexperienced Music Manager because it is likely that they have no contacts in the music industry. I hope this information helps you!

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