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"Where creative writing comes alive"

"To avoid any lawsuits, we decided to start our own music publishing company in order to hold exclusive rights to all of our music"

Krysto Drym Music Publishing deals with popular music, commonly called a music publisher, deals in the marketing and commercial exploitation of songs and music catalogs. While the term originally referred to publishers of sheet music, today's pop music publishers rarely deal with printed music or scores. Thanks to advancement in digital technology.

Our mission is to profitably connect our members i.e artists to their worldwide or global audience.

We work hand in hand with ForJam Music Production 

Chesterfield, MO

"Dreams are free, you might as well dream big."

KrystoDrym Inc

About this site

Krysto Drym Music Publishing is the subsidiary of  KrystoDrym Music based in St Louis MO. This  is "where creative writing comes alive".

For more information you can contact us at k@krystodrym.com

Accepting demo submission of any genre at krystodrym.com

Songwriter & Artist Services


  • Music Publishing & Promotion to the Music Industry
  • Artist/Songwriter Development
  • Recording: Creating the right sound and mix for your songs
  • Copyright Mechanical Licensing
  • Collection & Distribution of Royalties
  • For all T.V and broadcasting royalties we work with BMI and ASCAP

Highlights / Top Offers

Get your Music Played & Distributed!

  • Includes All Independent and Major Music Distributors
  • Includes all College Radio contacts in every State.
  • All Independent Radio Station contacts in every format.
  • Satellite Radio contacts, Sirius and XM Radio.
  • Contact all successful independent Radio Promoters.
  • Includes complete contact name, company, address, direct phone number and email address for all Radio Stations and Music Distributors.

What do we do really?

Our primary job is to link up new songs by songwriters with suitable recording artists to record them, with the intent of creating a hit record and generating large numbers of sales and air play. Promoting such songs. Supervising the collection and payment of publishing royalties for sales to our writers. Placing  writerssongs in other media such as movie soundtracks and commercials. Handling copyright registration and "ownership" matters for published songs, are among other jobs handled by Krysto Drym Music Publishing. Music print is also supervised by us, the issue of songbooks and sheet music by artists.

Who do you work with?

Producers, directors, music supervisors, record companies, commercial production companies, trailer houses and of course songwriters. A songwriter in Krysto Drym Music Publishing's terms is someone who writes the lyrics to songs, the musical composition (chords) or melody to songs, or both. That is to say, a songwriter is a lyricist, a composer, or both. The word "songwriter" is however more commonly used to describe one who writes popular songs than to describe a writer of art songs.

Legally, songs may only be copied or performed publicly by permission of the authors. The legal power to grant these permissions may be bought, sold or otherwise transferred. This is governed by copyright law. Songwriting and publishing royalties can be a substantial source of income, particularly if a song becomes a hit record.

Thought of the day about new artists

What I’d like for more people to realize is that when you submit your music for opportunities, the people who are screening your music are people who care, just like you and I. In most cases they’re musicians too. They probably understand and empathize with your frustrations more than you realize and they don’t enjoy having to deny anyone opportunities.

Even if you don’t understand why you’re not having the success that you believe you deserve I urge you to withhold judgement and to just stay at it and get as much honest, constructive feedback as you can. When your results in the outside world match your hopes and expectations then you’ve reached the point where you truly know what it takes and can judge your own work. Until then, you don’t and you can’t. If you’re not there yet then take 100% responsibility for getting yourself there, even if you don’t know how you will. If you have faith then you’ll have the strength to stay at it long enough to figure it out. In the meantime, be cool and treat people with kindness and respect.

Oliver Chibwe

Owner/Founder of Krysto Drym Recording Studio


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